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Star Rating Fields are added to Contact Form 7 by this plugin. Select a Rating style from 12 available options and set a few more parameters for your Rating Field. Downloading the Contact Form with the 7-Star Rating Field is free here. Contact Form 7 Star Rating Field is posted under the categories of forms, wordpress and tagged with Contact Form 7. The Contact Form 7 Star Rating Field in use all fields and are really simple to use.

Websites employ Star Ratings to evaluate a variety of products and services. You can use them to rate pretty much anything that interests your users, such as a movie, a restaurant’s food, the level of service received from a mechanic, etc.

Rating Field Contact Form 7 is also very common to find businesses asking people to rating contact form 7 their services or products. This is due to the fact that consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they read honest evaluations from others who have really tried it.


  • Easy use
  • Setting option ‘Required field’
  • Shortcode to include rating result in email
  • max value of rating (optional, 5 by default)
  • Clear or Cancel Button
  • Mobile Friedly
  • Customize cancel button place
  • Select different type of star on and off
  • Unlimited rating fields in one form
  • Default rating
  • Single star selection
  • shortcode to include rating result in email
  • setting id and class of the rating field (optional)
  • Working all version contact form 7

3 reviews for Star Rating Field For Contact Form 7

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  2. Carolyn

    Star Rating Field For Contact Form 7 is a fantastic plugin that seamlessly integrates star ratings into your Contact Form 7 forms, allowing you to gather valuable feedback and enhance user engagement.

  3. Cassie

    Star Rating Field for Contact Form 7 is a fantastic plugin that adds intuitive star rating functionality to Contact Form 7, allowing users to collect and evaluate customer feedback effortlessly.

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