How To Create Telephone Input For Contact Form 7

Telephone Input For Contact Form 7 making Country Telephone field to you contact form. Via this plugin You can be make your contact form 7 to more professional. This plugin helps you to add contact form 7 phone number field validation functionality and increase valid leads.

You may create a country telephone drop-down list with country flags using Country telephone Field Contact Form 7. In the usual drop-down field of the contact form 7, the tag field will automatically add the name and telephone of the countries.

Features :

  • Required field
  • With Country Flag Icon
  • Can be show only country in dropdown
  • Show Dropdown in specific country
  • Unlimited rating fields in one form
  • Can be setup particular country at top
  • setting id and class of the country telephone field (optional)

Step : 1

Telephone Input For Contact Form 7 Download here

Step : 2

Open Telephone Input Field menu and add a field.






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