How To Create Signature Field With Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Signature Addon is a free WordPress plugin.

In this Digital World are some businesses a digital signature functionality is considered useful, especially when you want extra security. Multiple signature pads can be added to Contact Form 7 using the digital signature feature.

You need Contact Form 7 installed. it make simple way to setup in contact form 7 as per another field we setup in contact form 7 that way it be.

Features :

  • Required field
  • Customize signature pad background and pen color
  • Customize signature pad width and height
  • Customize signature pen width
  • Draw and clear your signature
  • Change signature clear button text
  • Add multiple signature pads in your form
  • Send signature in email
  • setting id and class of the country telephone field (optional)

Step : 1

Signature Field With Contact Form 7 Download here

Step : 2

Open Digital Sign Field menu and add a field.






2 responses to “How To Create Signature Field With Contact Form 7”

  1. Simon Gevcen Avatar
    Simon Gevcen


    In your plugin “Signature for Contact Form 7”, I’m trying to search for the “Clear signature” string in WPML but it doesn’t find the string at all.

    I’ve scanned the plugin in WPML > Localization but it doesn’t find anything. How can we translate the string “Clear signature” ?


    1. howdytheme Avatar

      will add that feature

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